Huel pancake recipe

These small Huel pancakes were really easy and worked well for me.

I got my digital scales out and put my shaker on top, poured in the milk first and then chucked in the ingredients. Then I gave it a good 30 second shake.

I used a small non stick pan and got it to a medium heat before I started (obvs) then poured a good thickness into the pan. They have to cook slowly, rise up and look set before you can turn them over.

I had to put a little bit Nutella on top, you know to even the fat content up.


Looks good. Does frying damage any of the nutrients in Huel?

No, no way, absolutely not…
:confused: I don’t know.

I made pancakes with the recipe in the challenge but reduced by 1/3 so 2 scoops (75g) vanilla Huel with 1/2 tsp baking powder, a touch of mixed spice, 10g green and blacks cocoa powder plus 200ml semi-skimmed milk. Made 2 pancakes (quite large ones) and served with Greek yogurt and fresh berries.