Huel pancakes?

So come on, we all know what day it is tomorrow, so lets celebrate it properly, drop your huel pancake recipes here for me to steal culturally appropriate feed my kids self with okay we got there in the end :stuck_out_tongue:


My favorite one is:
4 eggs
1 banana
1 scoop Huel

Mix this together and bake in a pan. Bake at medium heat otherwise your pancakes will burn. And also create small pancakes because big ones fall apart.

This is the Huel own recipe if you want a vegan version:

I have the following items in my cupboard and am going to attempt some huel pancakes. No idea about the quantities. Any ideas?

Huel u/u
Huel black vanilla
Vanilla soya milk
Chickpea flour
Baking powder
Mixed spice, salt etc

That could work. You have the right ingredients. Quantities is not really important. It’s about the correct thickness. Try to have a thick liquid, not too thin.

Yeah I agree with Deborah, all those things should work, the bananas and chickpea flour will replicate the egg used in normal ones. Id stick all the dry ingredients into a bowl, mash in a banana and then stir/whisk in the soya milk until you have a thick batter. It may work without the banana. I mean you can make frittata with chickpea flour.

As a very rough rule of thumb when making pancake batter the volume of dry ingredients should equal the volume of wet ingredients.

So if you were making a traditional pancake batter you’d fill a mug with flour and empty that into a bowl. Then break an egg into the mug, top it up to full with milk then whisk it into the flour in a bowl and leave it to stand for 20 minutes to rest.

So I guess you could do the same with the recipe above with the soya milk and mashed bananas to fill one mug for the wet ingredients and everything else to fill another mug with the same volume of dry ingredients.

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