Huel Pancakes Black Edition

Hi all,

I’ve tried the huel pancake recipe on the website but it is gross! The centre is always liquidy, when you bite in it’s like a spot popped in your mouth :nauseated_face: I’m not sure if this is because I am using Black edition but I doubt this is the cause?

I’ve tried changing the recipe around to make it work but nothing seems to do the trick of getting this liquid centre gone. I’ve tried:

  • Adding more liquid 20ml - 100ml extra
  • Adding more Huel Extra half scoop
  • Adding a Chia egg
  • Cooking for longer and shorter at lots of different temperatures
  • Adding more baking powder

Has anyone got a recipe or suggestion? (Vegan recipe please)

Maybe try adding banana, it acts like egg in a lot of vegan recipes. A large egg in a recipe equates to about 1/4 cup of mashed banana.


Thank you, will try!

Baking with Huel will always make the outcome a little more stodgy, so you might not always avoid this. Since you’re not using eggs it will be difficult to replicate the fluffiness of a true American style pancake.