Huel pancakes falling apart

Hi i just made huel vegan pancakes following a recipie someone posted. I used huel, cocoa powder, stevia, almond milk, baking powder, flour and some fry light. The taste is great but the pancakes fall apart when i try flip them :confused: they are small round american style pancakes. Thanks

Well done for giving the Huel pancakes a go! Sorry they weren’t structurally sound. I would recommend leaving them to cook a little longer before flipping, until they are golden brown on the underside and a slight crust has formed. This should ensure your pancakes remain intact. Also, this is our go to Huel pancake recipe:


3 scoops Vanilla Huel
1 tsp Baking powder
300ml milk


Mix the dry ingredients together.
Pour in about half the milk and mix well
Add remaining milk slowly, mixing until smooth.
Spoon into a lightly oiled pan and cook until the top edges of the pancake are beginning to look drier than the middle, then flip over and cook on the other side.

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I’ve tried this recipe on two separate occasions, both with and without an egg in the mix, and no matter how long I cook them they’re still gooey and unpleasant inside.

Has anyone managed to avoid this? I’ve tried making them as thin and spread out on the pan as possible…

I’ve pointed the following out before: 300ml is about 1.25 cups, so one of your sets of measurements is off. Iirc 300ml is correct but the 2.25 wrong, so people using volume measures should be ending up with very runny pancakes when they follow your instructions.

Please fix them this time Tim :wink:

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When cooking the pancakes keep them on a medium heat and leave until little bubbles show on the top of the pancake. Once the bubbles show then flip them over. Mine come out perfect every time.
Are you sure you are not using too much liquid?
If you use 2scoops then use 200mls of fluid, if 3 scoops then 300mls.

To get pancakes that are super fluffy and thick in a normal recipe you need to do some quite elaborate whisking (separate whites, whisk into stiff peaks then fold in later to the flour, milk and yolk mix), so if you’re used to other pancakes then these won’t be quite the same. Make sure you cook them on each side until they are really golden and crispy all over. Huel pancakes will be softer than these normal pancakes but shouldn’t too gooey!

Would it be okay to add an egg or two to this recipe?

Go & stand in the corner of the room. GO ON. Face the wall.

Eggs? I don’t know, I really don’t know what’s wrong with some people. Ten Hail James’s & grind a pound of chia seeds while saying the vegan catechism.

Or just add the egg.


What an ouef you are Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sure thing, go for it! If you want a real upgrade you could separate the whites and yolks, add yolks to general mixture, whisk the white until you get ‘soft peaks’ and fold into the batter. It’s meant to make really thick pancakes!