Huel pancakes

Very simple recipe for Huel pancakes:

4 eggs
1 banana
1 scoop Huel

Mix this together and heat up a beaking pan. When the pan is hot, toss in some olive oil or butter. Then add some pancake mix.

Two tips for this recipe however: bake at medium heat otherwise your pancakes will burn. And also create small pancakes because big ones fall apart.

I’m a big fan of simple recipe because I’m not a great cook :wink:



I look forward to trying this out when I get some more Huel! I really like Huel and I really like Pancakes sounds like a great combination


thanks for the recipe! Works really well and tastes nice

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Hmmyes but you are mostly eating eggs here, rather than huel…

That’s true but if you use too much Huel the mix gets too thick.

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is it worth adding some liquid? Usual pancake mix is Flour + Eggs + Milk in various proportions (more milk if you’re going for UK pancakes or “crepes”, less milk + baking powder if you’re going for American/Scotch pancakes)

Yes that’s a good possibility! My goal however was to make it as simple as possible with as less ingredients as possible. Huel website has a very good recipe for pancakes as well:

This is Nice! I did something simulair but used 2 eggs.
I have a Tupperware omelet maker for the microwave.
About 4 minutes on 600w and ready to go. I ate it later the day (cold) with some strawberries.
But your version is i think much better. Thx!

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