Huel Pina Colada Iced Lolly

100g vanilla Huel
splash vanilla essence
1 fresh pineapple, peeled, cubed
1 160ml can coconut cream
3 tablespoons coconut oil


stick it all in a blender, blend on high power for about 45 seconds
pour into ice lolly moulds (they don’t have to be pink).
freeze overnight

This made 8 lollies



How do they taste (to you, and also to non-Huelers)?

Quite creamy, not at all bitty, quite smooth…a little tingly from the pineapple.

My wife (who doesn’t understand Huel) liked it…

I did actually try some refrigerated as a pudding as there was a little left over…and it was like a firm mousse/cheesecake, but it didn’t taste as good…like it needed more sweetening…but exact same frozen lolly was lovely.

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These look immense! Equally, just freezing your Huel works too, but I think your Pina Colada lollies are way better! What a novel way of consuming Huel.

Next to try, adding Rum…although this may prevent them from freezing as well.

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i did actually think of freezing Huel with some coconut and pineapple flavour sachet, but I had a pineapple to use up and that’s what made me think of it…then I considered the sachet and Huel, but then went back to original idea…


This is cool and I’m glad you linked it in that other thread


Me too! Makes me want to experiment now :slightly_smiling_face: