Huel smoothie

Here is a smoothie I drink sometimes before/after gym.

  • 1 frozen banana (freeze a very ripe banana for at least 2 hours so it breaks down all the sugars and becomes sweeter). note: it is essential that you freeze the banana otherwise it won’t taste the same
  • 1 tbs organic peanut butter (100% peanuts)
  • unflavoured huel ( I tend to make half dose which is 1.5 scoops or 2/3 which is 2 scoops so it is not too thick)
  • very cold water or chilled milk or unsweetened almond milk to taste

Put everything into a blender and blend for approximately 30 seconds. Enjoy!

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Nice, PB and banana is my favorite ever! Maybe I can skip the gym bit and go straight for the smoothie lol