Pre-run banana vs huel

So - when I go for a 5K run, I find that eating a banana a hour or so prior to the run helps a lot in terms of energy!

Can Huel give me the same effect, or does it release energy/work differently? I see 1 scoop would be roughly the same as a medium banana… Or is the banana mostly psychological as long as I’m getting the right nutrients? :slight_smile:

BTW currently, I pretty much only use Huel as a lunch substitute (3 scoops).

Thanks in advance for thoughts/advice!

Banana every time.

Huel sucks as a pre workout, in my opinion.

Yeah I’d agree with @GTIPuG
Huel is digested really slowly so you’d need to consume it 3-4hrs pre-workout or it’ll be repeating on you as you run.
Saying that… if i have Huel for breakfast, I find I don’t need any pre-workout fuel for a midday run.
So - depends what time you workout

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I’ve tried Huel before running and before a hockey game and found it does repeat so I’ve gone back to using it as a post run/game lunch :slightly_smiling_face: that works nicely.

In a spirit of scientific enquiry :grinning:, the last 3 days I have had a v3.0 Huel Bar about half an hour before my early morning run (8 miles).

I could feel it in my stomach, but it didn’t cause any discomfort or problems. Otherwise felt at least as good if not better than normal (normally eat nothing if the run is early morning and less than about 10 miles) and my times were pretty good. Though obviously impossible to discount the psychological effect.

If it were a longer run, I would have given myself more time to digest before starting off. On a longer run, a mixture of slow-release and fast-release carbs + protein seems to suit. A banana + protein bar or protein porridge has been a staple, but I may try Huel Bars now v3.0 has arrived (v3.0 has dropped the chicory root fibre and no longer upsets me).

Though… If I’m doing a long run in the morning and something upsets me, I’ve found it’s as likely to be what I ate the night before as on the morning.

Your mileage (weak pun intended) may vary.

Can’t offer any comment on liquid Huel.


I always have a 90g Huel 1 hour before as my pre-swimming meal and it works great for me. Granted swimming is very different to running and I do distance swimming so a low heart rate.

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