Huel taste isn't for me - under 18?

I am 17 years old. I first tried huel as a snack straight after I opened the box - to me it tasted horrible the lumps and earthy flavour really put me off but I forced my self to drink it. On day two I had a normal breakfast and took huel to school, I made my huel to have 400 calories as suggested (though even this might be too much) and the taste made me feel ill so I really struggled to drink it which made me so hungry I almost fainted. I wonder if this has something to do with my age? I’m 17 but with my size 5"2 maybe my body is closer to a child’s body, (I am also female if that helps)

After that I haven’t been able to drink anymore. I used vanilla of the latest version and don’t really have time to blend or add much other stuff that takes a lot of time as that’s the reason along with cost that I bought it. It just seems a waste that I bought a whole load of it and I have two almost full bags just sitting there not being used.

An advice or tips? And why do I dislike the taste so much when so many people love it?

There are a list of flavour suggestions in this thread. There are lots of things to try. Some people even suggest savoury options but I’ve never attempted them:

Taste is individual, we all like and dislike different things.

Personally I like the taste of a simple vanilla mix but it is better with a banana, I know others add a banana. I know you said you don’t have time to blend but it is only a few seconds to add a banana isn’t it? Also, I haven’t done the maths, but bananas are very cheap and you could add a bit less Huel to get the same calories so you save that way. A little bit of something like soya milk is nice. Probably normal milk is worth a try. You might try just keeping the water in the fridge before mixing, lots of things taste better cooler.

How are you making it in terms of how many scoops and how much water?

One thing that I (and many others find) is that if you can refrigerate overnight before drinking it tastes so much better. Not everyone has access to a fridge tho.

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All the above, plus try adding cocoa powder! That’s what makes it palatable for me! (and blending and refrigeration, to be fair)

I know you said you haven’t the time to blend… but blend :slight_smile: Stick some ice cubes in there and give it a good blend it’s lot’s better…If you shake it I always get lumps no matter how I do it !

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Am in the same boat as you! Under 18 but still gonna carry on. Blending definitely helps. Tried adding chocolate powder but didn’t help. I gag when I drink it but I think I’m just gonna have to stick to it. Keep going!:grinning:

Have you tried blending a banana in? That really helps the texture and adds a bit of sweetness as well!