Huel the food is great - the website is full of additives :P

First, some context: I am a user of Firefox with the add-ons NoScript and uBlock, to stop unwanted and intrusive scripts from running in my browser. These blockers sometimes block too much of a page to let it function properly - or, conversely, some pages won’t work if you don’t allow them an uncomfortable level of “messing around”.

So I wasn’t too surprised when would not allow me to proceed to the buying page. OK, so I started allowing some of those external sites, one by one, retrying every time to see if I could complete my order.

But turns out that seems to be the website with most third-party scripts I have ever seen - and most are required! 32 external sites, and it won’t allow me to proceed without allowing pretty much all of them, both in NoScript and in uBlock! How is that even possible? It seemed to be such a simple, clean page!

Is this really necessary? I’m no web developer, but for reference, even a crappy but visually rich site like BGR “only” links to 20 sites.

Behold a partial list for, as reported by NoScript:

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To be clear: I don’t directly mind that tries to use a ton of external scripts; I can protect myself with NoScript and the like. But, could you pretty please make it so I could actually buy without having to accept all of those scripts?

And the kicker is: so many scripts, and I still can’t manage to get a Flavour Sample Set by its advertised price of £1.5, seemingly because some pop-up that should appear in the ordering page is still not appearing. Gah.

We use the eCommerce platform Shopify, so blocking scripts relied on by Shopify will cause the site to not perform in the expected way. You are likely also blocking the script that allows the popup to appear and provide you the right price, as this is based on conditions being met and acted on. We are currently undergoing a process of optimisation and upgrades on our website, as seen with the recent product page improvements and will continue to do so over the coming months.