Advertisment for Tasers and Pepper Spray on Huel site?

I was looking at the page to purchase bars and this popped up:

I use an adblocker and I have never seen anything like this on any other site before or since.

What’s happening?

Pepper Spray must be a new flavour pouch that didn’t sell as well as the team had hoped.


I’ve never seen anything like that on the Huel website either. Your browser might be infected with Malware. Scan with Malwarebytes and see if it finds anything.

Not malware. The Buy Huel page has a pixelpop script on it and it would appear that pixelpop misconfigured the storefront so it showed up a popup banner for a different store on the Huel page but it’s not doing it now.

I’ve just checked in Safari, Chome and Microsoft Edge and while the Pixelpop script is still there it’s not popping up the incorrect banner anymore.


Thank you for highlighting this. I’ve removed the pixelpop app.