Huel to reverse diabetes?

So I’m a newly diagnosed diabetic, and I plan to use Huel and Huel hot an savoury to try and get my diabetes into remission, would you say that’s a good idea?

Can’t see why not. Certainly takes the guesswork out of calorie-counting. :+1:

Sounds like a plan… Be sure to keep those involved in your diabetes care in the loop. I have T2 diabetes (plus a load of other crap going on), the diabetes having been diagnosed in 2007. I’ve veered between good control to no control, and am currently doing the best ever thanks to Huel.

At present my hba1c is averaging out in the lower thirties, thanks to meds (admittedly high doses of metformin and gliclazide) and being very careful about meals. At present I eat at 11, 4 and 9 - each about 450 calories’ worth of Black Huel, with a few hundred calories’ worth of low carb snacking usually late at night. Bear in mind that I’m a short-arse with mobility issues thanks to neuropathy, when you add up my calories…

To get here I kept track of exactly what I was eating (only a couple of months ago I realised I was getting through way more peanuts than I thought, so they went: my impulse control is non-existent) and spent months tracking my glucose levels so I could time meds and meals right. It helps being a little OCD…

Anyway, that’s a brief summation of how I got on top of the damn thing - you’ll work out your way. Good luck!


The best nutrition plan depends on various things, your medication, additional comorbidities and your blood sugar profile dynamics. In this case it would be best to consult a certified nutritionist, ideally one that has specialized in diabetes. At least in Germany this is covered by health insurance in many cases.

well I’m on metformin, and empagliflozin and im changing my diet to 2 huel black shakes and 1 huel hot and savoury, lost 2 stone in 3 months, and my monitor shows me between 4.7 and 5.6 now all the time,

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