Huel unflavoured doesn't blend well, also closing of packaging doesn't work well

Hello team,

today I received my first Huel Unflavoured. I had the Huel Vanilla before. (I found the vanilla being well too sweet, you can probably take out some sugar.) But this post is not about the Vanilla.

  1. The blending of water and Huel doesn’t work well. It doesn’t bind. I can’t drink fast enough the whole powder sinks to the ground of my cup. So, that I drink water and have the whole wet powder at the end. Why is that? It was much better with the Vanilla one. Would it involve artificial stuff to change that?

  2. The packaging is much worst than the Vanilla one that I received previously in Nov. It doesn’t really close again.

The taste itself is ok. I like it more than the Vanilla. It was much too sweet for me. How about a version where it is just a little bit sweet. A version in between the two.

No problem blending my Un-Huel… Are you shaking vigorously enough?
Forget about sealing the pouch: roll it or use a peg.

The seal on the pouch can be tricky to close sometimes. This is usually because there is powder in the seal. Just run a sharp point, e.g. knife or credit card, along the seal/coupling/groove to get the powder out. Hey presto, an easy to close seal.

Thank you for the feedback. We will consider using an emulsifier soon.

I don’t need to shake vigorously. I have a blender :wink: It blends in the first place but it does not stay binded with the water. The powder sinks to the ground after a few seconds. Thats different with the vanilla one.

I was wondering if that was different packaging than before because in my first delivery in Nov of Vanilla. There was no problem to close the pouch again.

Thanks for your reply.

When did your latest order arrive?

We have always had issues with the pouch seal. Even though we have use 3 different suppliers now. Over the the years I have used lots of pouches and they are always a little tricky. If you run a knive between the groove, get the powder out, it will close 100% of the time.

Strange… This doesn’t happen with my Huel U&U… Of course I have noticed that there are more seeds in the bottom on my shaker, but this a natural physical law; and the ground of the preparation is as thick as the Vanilla 1.0 one (just like other brands (Joylent or Bertrand).

hmm I hab the Vanilla one and its definitely a huge difference for me. The shake is watery and the whole stuff sicks down within less than a minute.