My Huel experience

Vanilla: I could eat this every day. I thought it was slightly too sweet, so imagine I would like the new vanilla even more. I thought the powder smelled like pudding, and the finished product tasted like cake batter some days, and slightly metallic aftertaste other days (even the same pitcher, so I think it was my tastebuds varying from one meal to another).

I made it by the pitcher because I like powdered foods for the convenience (as well as price and nutrition). It was difficult to gauge the consistency this way. This is on me, not the company, and the instructions are very clear about amount per shaker bottle. Also, the pitcher would get thicker with time. This was easy enough of fix with adding more water, then shaking. If Huel was my primary food, it would be easy enough to figure out the correct amount of powder to add to achieve my favoured consistency. (I prefer less thick; you wacky Brits with your fondness for porridge).

Unflavoured & Unsweetened: I preferred this to vanilla. It tasted slightly bitter, but because it wasn’t as thick I was able to just down quickly and move on with my day.

A difference between U/U and Vanilla was that the U/U separated very quickly. If I didn’t finish a glass within 30 seconds, I had to remix. Not a problem, just a difference.

I didn’t add flavoring to either version. Partly because of convenience, partly because I don’t add flavours to my other powdered food and wanted to compare apples to apples, and partly because I’m of the opinion that it is better for me to get used to one flavour so I won’t start craving variety. That being said, if I had more than just a sample size of the U/U, I would have tried mixing it with the Vanilla, and probably settle on my preferred sweetness level.

Good product. If I lived in the UK I would incorporate Huel into my daily routine. :+1:

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Did you have to pay much for delivery across the Atlantic?

@Ric I’ve noticed the unflavoured separating out in a way flavoured never did too, which is weird. Another point against it for me.

Yes the separation is an odd thing considering that they both have the same amount of gum arabic in. We are working on that. To be fair though, a swift shake of your shaker sorts it out in no time.

It does separate out but good exercise for your shaking arm

A bit of blended fruit seems to slow the separation (and makes for an exotic cocktail like appearance once it has split)

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I’ve been on vanilla huel for about 2 months now and loving it and am currently visiting relatives in the North West. Woke up this morning to find my vanilla huel has separated overnight which has never happened before. I wonder if its the local tap water hardness/softness affecting it?

Weird… Never had that myself. I live in a hard water area, by the way.

The recent vanilla Huel does appear to be a lot thinner texture than the ones from a couple of months back and on my most recent batch it completely separates in the fridge when left overnight.

I live in a 305 “very hard” water area. But this has only started happening recently with batches.


I just made a similar post about it being thinner etc and tasting different

Huel needs to find consistency tbh every bag should be exactly the same as the last