Huel version without Gum


There is a possibility that a version without guar gum and xanthan will be created ?

Thank you

I doubt it as it wouldn’t mix / dissolve in the water very well then.
What’s the reason you want to avoid it?

I found a series of articles about the fact that these two substances can cause health problems.

The RTD has less gum and only gellan, no xantham.
I’ve tried putting rice protein into water in the past and the result was really terrible. It doesn’t dissolve at all and so is like trying to drink sand in water.
The gums are needed for the powdered versions so I can’t see it being possible to create a version without it (never know though).
As for the RTD, the gum is in a very small amount and as a thickener. I should think it could be removed if they wanted to. Personally i prefer my shakes less thick anyway.


I think this topic could do with some input from @JamesCollier

We have tried this before and it’s awful. It will not be happening. There are no health issues with either gum: indeed, they are both soluble fibres with possible health benefits. If you believed every article you read about a health concern with an ingredients, you wouldn’t be eating anything.

For example, I’ve read that carrots are bad, lettuce is bad and water is bad. Of course, they are based on rubbish info.


Boys calm, no controversy. I am not saying that the articles I read are universal law.
Some say it could be a problem, maybe there is a way to replace them with other types of thickeners. That’s all.

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Something like carboxymethylcellulose would work as an alternative thickener, but the gums are healthy so I don’t see a reason Huel would change it up.

Can I ask if the recipe has changed since 2017? I became a Huel convert then. I think the guar gum and xantham might be the cause of Gastrointestinal gas. Ok if you are a runner but not such a benefit when you practice yoga!

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Hi @SianT

There was an update in December 2017 which you can read about here.

We also have a summary of all previous updates here.

The gums changed in v2.2 in April 2017. However, both guar and xanthan were used prior to this too. It’s doubtful as to whether these contribute much to the gas as their inclusion is low.