Xantham gum & guar gum

How many grams of xantham gum and guar gum are in a (2000 calorie) daily amount of Huel Unflavoured & Unsweetened Gluten Free?

We can’t share exact amounts as it’s our recipe, but I’m happy to share that there’s between 4g and 5g of the gums combined per 2,000 calories of Unsweetened Unflavoured Gluten-Free Huel.

Thank you for the information I requested.

I had my first Huel this morning. :+1:

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Hi James, thanks for this answer. When you say 4-5g per 2000 cal serving are you referring to the v2.3 gluten free Heul? I’ve ordered the v2.3 regular (non GF) unsweetened and vanilla flavours–would you be able to give me a range of total grams of both gums in those two formulas? I’ve had some trouble with higher doses of the gums in the past, so just want to make sure the two formulas are hopefully in that similar range. Thanks!

There are similar amounts in all varieties of Huel. The GF and non-GF varieties only differ in the types of oats used in the recipes.