Huel VS Bertrand

I’ve just bought two pouches of Huel.

Since, I have heard some stuff as in it’s not healthy… Bertrand is better etc… Huel has man made vitamins… surely Bertrand is better as it’s from real food?

I’m confused. I want optimal health and to detox from tomorrow morning.

Options/ advice?

Thanks guys

the Bertrand site wasn’t clear on nutrients per 100g or where the vitamins come from. Huel is way more transparent about this.

Go with Huel. More important than the product is commitment. Good luck!


I have tried both.
Advantage of Huel: very satiating (410 cals make me ok for 4-5 hours)
Advantage of Bertrand: organic, tastes better for me; but not satiating enough (I can easily take 888 cals at one meal)

Indeed, but it gives the nutrients per 500g (classic & vegan), so anybody can divide that by 5.

Not true. All the ingredients are on there. The vitamins come from them.

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I’m using Huel currently, but I want something that gives me the most nutritional value. I am tying to loose weight also…

But the end goal is to be as healthy as possible now!

Christopher, Huel is more than enough for your daily nutritional needs. Can you please stop posting this kind of stuff?


Yeh sorry lol!! Im sticking to HUEL