Huel for a student with poor diet

Hello everyone! Just thought I’d like to share my experiences diving straight into a 100% Huel diet for the past couple of days.

Background: I’m currently doing my postgraduate studies in the UK with hardly any time to cook and prepare proper meals. I’m also fairly active (4 1hr-gym sessions per week) with football during the weekends.

Since starting my studies, my meal times have always consisted of hunting for reduced price labels in tesco, especially those “2 for £4” microwavable meals (chicken korma, green curry thai chicken, and the like). Horrible diet i know!

I doubt it’s a placebo effect but I am definitely feeling a lot more energetic lately, with better sleep as well (I wonder why?) I am also not succumbing to the post-lunch coma which in turn leads to higher productivity levels throughout the afternoon. It’s also extremely convenient to have my meals everywhere in my backpack as I cycle around. I can’t stress this enough. I have also stopped taking my work-out protein supplement thanks to Huel, saving me additional costs.

I’ll keep the updates coming from the perspective of a busy graduate student.

I am really curious though: Is a 100% Huel diet more healthy compared to a daily diet of supermarket sandwiches and microwavable meals? The answer is probably a resounding yes, but can the nutritionists provide some elaboration on that? Thanks a lot!!

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Hi and welcome

Great feedback.

Yes, Huel is more nutritious than one of supermarket sandwiches and microwavable meals

Look at the nutrition panels of your supermarket sandwiches and microwaveable meals. Look at the nutrition panel of Huel.

That’s all the elaboration you need.


Hi, pretty much in the same boat as you! really hoping I can use Huel to fix my god awful diet!