My experience of Huel everyday for lunch for 2 months


Just thought I’d share my experience of Huel. As a student I thought it would be an amazing idea as a lunch replacement as I have my breakfast and dinner catered for and I would save me a bit money.

In all it wasn’t too bad but towards the end I was feeling a bit sick and depressed at the thought of a liquid lunch that whilst it wasn’t disgusting was incredibly un-appetising. This coupled with the fact that I hadn’t pooed solidly for those 2 months meant it’s not something I’ll ever try again, I’m not overweight and do not have any nutritional requirements as these are pretty much covered in my meals at breakfast and dinner.

I’ll go back to eating rice for lunch and having nice predictable poo’s.

Congrats to anyone that this has worked for and good luck to anyone looking to try it, £40 is an incredibly small investment so you may as well as there is no harm in trying.

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