Huel with hot or cold drink - advantages?

I thought this was interesting and not something I’d come across before.

When I take huel id typically go with c400ml cold water in the shaker, then when done id pour my cup of tea / coffee in, swill round and drink.

If I’m interpreting James post correctly, then this hot drink follow up could minimise hunger caused by reduced calorie meals, by delaying the processing of huel.

Then my question is, with the last huel of the day, let’s say I have that at around 830 - would it be better to avoid the hot drink with this meal, as youd want huel to leave your stomach more quickly and so minimise any eating late / fat storage effect.

Or maybe there’s no such effect.

Hi - for a start, I spelled post-prandial incorrectly!

Do you put your tean in the shaker and swirl to get the every last bit of Huel out?

You are interpreting me correctly. But I really don’t think this would be any effect at all in reference to your 8.30pm Huel.

Thanks for confirming James.

Yes though in reality its 50:50 i.e. swirl to get all the huel out : also to minimise cleaning later.

Good to know theres a potential 3rd benefit to my habit and also no need to adjust for later in the day meals.

Its all upside, as our American cousins would say!