Huel with milk, does it last made up?

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen loads of threads about Huel keeping up to 24 hours when made up with water, but I was wondering whether it was the same time frame with milk?

I made with milk and kept in the fridge, but was wondering whether anyone has noticed a taste difference, safe to drink etc


Safe to drink, probably yes.
Both mixed Huel aswell as milk can last in the fridge at least 24h.

Couldn’t say anything about the taste or anything, as I’m also mixing with water myself.

I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t last 24hrs when made with milk and stored in the fridge.

Ahh I thought as much, thanks guys!

Just goes even creamier, it’s delish.

600ml whole milk, 4 scoops, tonnes of flavour, fridge for 12 hours. Mmmmmmm.


You could always use a plant based milk which have longer refrigeration lifespans if you’re unsure such as Almond – I use this half and half with water as I find it too sweet if used as a full water replacement.

Milks definitely do make it creamier and tastier and also I find, help to bind and blend the Huel ingredients together better than water alone. No clue if this is true if hand shaken as I only use a blender.

@Phil_C it’s the extra gums in plant milk, I use 100ml Alpro almond unsweetened, that makes shakes creamier and thicker. Hand shaken (with stainless steel whisk ball in Huel shaker) and placed in fridge for a few hours works well for me.

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