Huel without vitamin and mineral mix?

Could you have a line of Huel without the vitamin and mineral mix added? I think I’m reacting to the Vitamin D in the Huel, possibly others as well as I am so sensitive. I know that I’ve had to stop vitamin D before because of this as well as other vitamins in the past and have read that it’s quite a common reaction. Also, for me, it’s a reaction that gets worse over time instead of better. It makes you feel exhausted and strung out. So if it would be possible it would be so great!

I am not answering for Huel, but I think that is unlikely because there would be hard any market for it; it also wouldn’t offer a complete food source.

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There is very little Vitamin D in Huel already.

For me the entire appeal of Huel is that it is a complete food. There are plenty of other partial meal replacers out there if you wanted to supplement with your chosen vitamins.


No offence, but you cannot realistically expect Huel to release an entire line of product minus the V+M blend for a tiny percent of people who without any scientific evidence believe they have an issue with a certain item.

It would also fly in the opposite direction to everything Huel has tried to do by becoming a “complete food” and send out a very confusing message to people who take regular Huel.

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Reading many of the recent Huel threads it seems that virtually every other person wants a different version especially for them…! Tricky.

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Haha ok I was only asking. It was an innocent question for a real, not believed issue. There are lots of people who feel tired after taking vitamins, you can google it. I read that Vitamin D is kind of different too (I mean our main source is the sun!) and lots of people experience this with supplemented VitD but anyway some people are more sensitive, and others are clearly, not so sensitive?! Huel is a unique product which I really enjoy, and a unique business, with this forum platform and community. I believe it would still be a unique product without the added v+m (obv for those that chose this!) and in fact only some of the them are added. I don’t imagine it would be so difficult not to add the v + m mix either but then I don’t know the production process, plus it would still have a v+m profile. I love Huel I’m just sad I have to limit my intake due to this issue. As I said, it was an innocent question, certainly not a criticism and not intended to undermine the product.


I think I saw some in Sainsbury’s earlier next to the self raising flour.

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