Hueling (80-90%) and Dating tips?


I’ve been (U/U) Hueling for 2 years now, and trying to get back on the dating bandwagon.
But I find it really awkward when food/meals come up. Doesn’t help that going out for meals is a pain, as I’m Lactose intolerant, which brought me to Huel in the first place.

Its not that I can’t cook, but I’m renovating my house and the kitchen is… a little limited. I bake time to time, typically for others benefit but as of yet, never a date.

Is it better to be for coming and honest about my Lactose intolerant and Hueling, or should I try and skirt around the topic. I’d rather be honest, but sadly its not been very successful.

What have others experiences been?
Any tips?


Just my opinion, but I’d say be honest. As long as you pick a place to take your date that serves something you can eat (most places have one vegan option on the menu, and decent places will actually tweak foods if you have an intolerance) you can enjoy yourself :slight_smile:
I’ve been vegan for a few years now and spent 2015 dating. It wasn’t as much of an issue as I thought it would be, amazingly. I’m lactose intolerant too, and despite my dates being pretty awful all in all they were very understanding and it didn’t become a faff or a fight!
I think whether you choose to have an actual conversation about Huelling will depend on the date themselves. If you’re very worried about how it’ll be received, you could perhaps refer to it as a ‘health kick’ at first. They might prod you for more information, or they might smile, shrug and not pay much attention. Worst case scenario is that they throw the table over and jump out the nearest window. But if they do that then they probably weren’t ‘the one’ :wink:

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I’d be honest. Don’t drop it in on the 1st date, but maybe the 2nd or 3rd once there’s a connection there and she likes you.

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Especially if it was brewed from Huel. Some of those will peel your skin off.