Huelival 2022?

Just read that you’ve bought a field @Tim_Huel, does this mean we can expect the long awaited Huelival?

Who are we having headline?


Huely Lewis and the News?


Taylor Swift singing “Shake” it Off.

Huely Morgan and the fun loving criminals will go down well.

Piers Morgan

Haha well the idea of the field is to grow things in! But perhaps we can get a nearby field and have a Huelival!

However I can confirm that Huely Lewis and Taylor Swift will be there. Plus Little Mix, a niche folk band called Shakey Graves, Fleetwood Snacks. Probably more too.

Weird line-up to be fair.

He will not be there.

But if you were interested in hearing why we are sponsoring a field, then head here.

And if you are interested in learning more about regenerative agriculture then head here


This is why I’m perfectly fine with the price of huel.

Sustainability reports, regenerative agriculture, the research, these things are invaluable and cost a lot of money to do.


As if we needed any more reasons to love Huel :grinning:

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