Huel co-creator discusses his vision for Huel

In case anyone hasn’t already come across it, Julian Hearn (Huel CEO and co-creator) was recently a guest on the Verison 3.0 podcast. He discusses his inspiration for starting Huel, the environmental benefits and how he worked to get the nutritional balance just right.

It includes a discussion on vegan plant based proteins vs meat which I personally found really interesting.

The full podcast is here


Julian’s definitely dreaming big! :slight_smile: I wonder if Huel really could be a ‘nutritionally complete’ solution to food shortages in 3rd world countries?

Thanks for the link - a good listen.

Discussed here; TLDR probably only helpful in disaster relief, not so good for chronic hunger issues.

Thanks, a good discussion. Maybe the ‘give a man a fish’ idea means it could cause damage in developing countries. Interestingly it’s mentioned in the podcast that some old people in the UK are buying Huel as it’s a cheap way to get their nutrients. Weird!

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Yeh, I’m one of those people. Although its not just because its one of the cheapest options available, being low waste and low carbon is also pretty awesome!


Oops sorry, I should have said ‘distinguished people’ not ‘old people’ :wink: It’s cool that it appeals to such a wide demographic!

There’s some interesting chat in the podcast about the environmental benefits. However even Julian says that we are omnivores and should eat some meat. Just not for every meal like some people do!

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Cheers for the link