Keep doing what you are doing

I like how open the company is. The articles provide information that are detailed, the forum provides transparency - displays to me honesty. Good to see a UK company doing well. I would want to see the company move further towards being even greener, I did see there is a complex project currently ongoing for this. Example, sourcing from China because of a,b or c would desirably be temporary. I did raise on another thread the question regarding - processing ingredients in house in the future.

Nutritionally my body has responded well on 90% average Huel for almost a month. For about 2 weeks there were excessive farts and poops; but that has disappeared. I feel better and have more energy. Not missing meals has been a big impact. My sleep pattern is also better. It tastes good too and hasn’t bored me in the slightest.

Reasons for choosing Huel would be: good website to find info to decide, the short term medical study, vegan, high protein content, balanced macros, complete meals. There are others to but they are the main. I did read negative stuff, but it was mostly about taste, farting, poops etc, but I discerned it was babble. Taste is good, farting and poops for most passes after a few weeks.

Price is fair. However it would be good if long term subscription customers, who order over a certain amount over a long period, are rewarded even further than just the quantity purchased. A variable that is beneficial for both Huel and the customer. Hopefully seeing a higher retention rate.

I like how Huel lessens the impact of industrialised farming. There should be no reason for any animal under humanity’s care to not have a happy life. Our over consumption causes misery and pain to so many conscious beings. I hope as we learn and grow further, companies like Huel could be the start of a food evolution we need; to be custodians rather than pillage everything around us. :sleepy:

A long term (year or so) medical trial would be good to solidify that the products are a complete meal.

Definitely an advocate of this company. Keep striving to be better in all the areas you target and hopefully you grow even further in the right direction.

Hope the feedback helps :slightly_smiling_face:


You must be new here :joy:

Haha all joking aside, I agree with you :slightly_smiling_face: go Huel!

Thanks for your feedback Sam, love hearing your thoughts!

This something we are working really hard on, watch this space.

There’s nothing wrong with sourcing from China, some ingredients such as rice do not grow well in the UK. As transport only accounts for around 7% of a food’s carbon footprint (source) growing such foods in heated greenhouses with lots of water pumped would be less than ideal.

I like this idea a lot and again, we are looking into it as an idea.

As much I would love to see this, currently I don’t see this being possible because of the money and resources required and a problem with adherence. We do have a number of Hueligans who have had Huel for the long term who would be happy to share their stories with you.

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