I am shocked by this product!

I am shocked at how effective this Huel is!
Normally I will snack after a three course meal, calories be d*mned! I’m 6’1" and go up and down (mainly belly). Half the year I follow a raw food diet.
No snacking/craving. This is the first shocker. I’m a grazer, and I was ‘literally’ anxious about not having my crisps and sweets near to hand. It is a weird feeling to get to lunchtime not having ONCE thought about eating!
Taste. Shocker two. I love it. I’ve only tried the vanilla so far, but my next order is on its way with some huel flavour sachet things. It’s easy on the palate. As they say on the site, it tastes smoother blended, and when I’ve left it overnight it tastes great out of the fridge.
This morning I had to get up earlier than usual and I was feeling sorry for myself, so I made my drink with 1 part cold water then added 3 parts near boiling, i didn’t use the blender because it was early (mine makes a racket), so it wasn’t as smooth as normal, but it had a very comforting taste and consistency. I normally have breakfast at work, but this was so quick I’ll be doing that from now on. It meant I got more work done, too.
I have never worried about calories or scales - I go by the notches on my belt. I don’t know if you need to worry about weighing the powder, etc, unless you are on a controlled diet. (I don’t normally ask about calories at the chip shop or local Chinese :slight_smile: )
I just bang in 3 scoops and that works for me. I’ve added pumpkin seeds, which is amazing, and I bough some bananas today to try. I’ll just add a bit less powder and figure it out as I go along.
So, I ordered my month’s supply after the second day trying my first weekly packet. I used the 10% saving to get flavours and whatnot.
Today - tadaaa! - I wore some trousers I haven’t been able to get into for several months. This is less than a week in on huel.
The main thing seems to be it kills your snacking, so none of those rubbish calories. It’s so easy to make, you literally don’t have time to make a bad food choice at home (or out, if you take it with you). As a result you end up buying less food, so there’s less temptation!
So, I’m a convert. I thought it was a weird idea at first. I eat raw food because I know it’s good, but I always fall off the wagon after a few months because of the time and effort. Near work there is nowhere good to eat lunch that is cheap enough to use regularly.
So, I’d say try it for yourself. You’ll be shocked too!


@huelondon that you so much for the feedback. Sounds pretty similar experience to me, I’m a grazer too, once I get started on the cupboard at home I keep coming back for more every 20 mins or so. But with Huel I don’t get the craving for more every 20 mins.

I’m about 3 weeks in to using Huel and can totally second the ‘no snacking’ thing. I’m using it to deliberately try to lose a fair amount of weight. Thus far I’ve been having 2 meals of Huel and one ordinary meal per day. I have had no desire to snack on anything.

I was away for 3 days last weekend. Lot of cake, chocolate, biscuits … etc around. And I didn’t have or want any. For me this is unheard of. In the first week I could have put it down to beginner enthusiasm, but I think I’m past that stage now. I even gave myself permission to eat ‘normally’ for the weekend and didn’t want to.

I’ve only had the vanilla version so far, I’m going to try the unsweetened with my next order. But this stuff is a revelation.

However, if you are trying to lose weight I’ve found a really good way to freak yourself out - not notice that your scales have been switched from ‘Kg’ to ‘Lbs’ … that was unpleasant for a moment there this morning :scream: :laughing:

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Great feedback @Stef thank you :smile:

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I notice that I drink less coffee. From 4-5 cups a day while at work to 3. I don’t know if I’m getting extra energy from huel or what but I’m feeling alert and have even started using my stand-up desk for a few hours. I stood all morning without thinking about it, where as 2hrs was a struggle a few weeks ago. Do you think I’m getting less crap in my diet, or more nutrients, or both? Either way huel is certainly helping me feel energetic enough to start other fitness and wellness ideas.

Without know your full eating plan before Huel it’s tricky to say, but my guess is your are get a steady stream of energy from Huel, due it’s low GI nature. Rather than the peak and troughs you get with foods which are higher GI.