I have an idea for a new shaker

I have an idea for a new shaker .

A shaker bottle combined with screw on cup to the bottom that will hold the powder.this will make it easy to take with you and Make later and maybe a shaker ball as well . any one else think this would be useful?

Aye, it has been suggested many times…there was even discussion earlier this week about it.

This sort of thing, right?

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perfect :wink:

I’ve found that the mesh inserts work better than those wire ball things. I like the hinged lid though. The flappy one isn’t great.

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Bulk Powders do something similar - but the lid is a screw on with a screw top, have to be careful after washing not to throw it into the recycling with other bottle tops :wink:

You shouldn’t shake hands apparently, what with all this Covid19 malarkey.

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Well the way people are acting right now (all of the local supermarkets to me have apparently sold out of toilet roll and hand sanitiser) I don’t know how they are gonna cope with the imminent zombie apocalypse.


lol best preppers food is huel. hear comes the the zombies


Not if the zombie virus is in the water supply!


I still don’t get the rush on toilet roll - gastrointestinal symptoms rarely manifest in any coronavirus strain and as of last week there had been only been a handful of COVID-19 patients around the globe who were all exhibiting diarrhoeal issues.

Perhaps because some people use toilet roll instead of facial tissues as it’s cheaper.

I guess some people would yes but the scale of it is off the charts - I had just put it down to another grain of internet misinformation like the one that briefly triggered the panic buying on Dettol due to poor labelling and general misunderstanding of what a corona virus is.

It makes no sense at all. But it seems to be being driven by scare stories in the media that extended quarantine periods of 2-4 weeks may be imposed in some towns and cities where people would be instructed not to leave their homes. Some media outlets have been suggesting this could happen at such short notice that there would be no time for people to buy in supplies of food and other essentials.

When you put that kind of scaremongering to certain members of the public you get a ridiculous, disproportionate response. I mean how many households are going to get through 50 rolls of toilet paper in two weeks?! The main issue I think though is the proportion of people who are happy to behave like sheep and delegate their thinking to others. They hear one story about people panic buying toilet roll and rush out to do it themselves in case the people doing it first know something they don’t.

Plus these people clearly aren’t thinking straight. If you were about to be under effective house arrest and forced to spend 24/7 with your family/flatmates for 2-4 weeks clearly what you should be stockpiling is alcohol, not pasta and bog roll! :wink:

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I tried using the Daily Mail instead of toilet paper, but it’s already full of shit.


The rush on toilet roll makes sense when you think about it. Everyones moving to more sustainable foods such as huel. Everyones bowels are moving to more sustainable movements like diarrhoea.

y;know, because huel makes you poop?

Panic makes people do the weirdest things.

Everyone should install bidets anyway. It boggles my mind that they never caught on in many so-called developed countries. You’re not developed if you’re smearing shit around your arse with paper!

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Damn French trying to shoot water up my butts.

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You can fit them to toilets! A little nozzle of magic that clips under the loo seat. Rename it a CackBlaster and it won’t seem so French.

I want one of those super expensive loos that heats the water, blasts you dry with hot air, then tweaks your buttock and calls you a fine lad.

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