Suggestion for those w/ Huel clamping issues

Appreciating this isn’t always feasible (ie you’re at work etc) but if you get an electric hand blender from Amazon (e.g. this: if it’s available or any similar) , whatever’s cheapest, £20, that will solve all your problems. A simple 200W product will do.

I’ve been using a Promixx. There are cheaper versions but I quite like this. Does struggle a bit with thicker mixes though.

Luckily all the traffic wardens are off work around here.



I was wondering if there’s any other suggestions.

I leave early in the morning and I can’t use the NutriB due to the noise. Same with work.

I would love a portable/rechargeable option.

for a combination of power/USB recharge and low noise - it seems the Blendjet2 is the best option around although I haven’t tried it personally. there are plenty of YouTube reviews of it though that you could check out.

Thank you.

I’ve just ordered for a pick up today.

I’ll report back for anyone interested in a few days on practicality and taste/texture