Anyone used a portable blender?

Hi, I’m thinking about my husband’s Birthday and as he has pretty much everything and we can’t fit anything else in our house I was wondering about a portable, usb rechargerable blender to blend his Huel with at work. Has anyone used one and got any recommendations - or ones to avoid - for me please.

You can get them, but they’re marketed purely for blending protein powder and the like. Probably fine for Huel, probably catastrophic for blending anything remotely solid. They’re basically shaker bottles with a wee whisk built in.

I’ve got an acquaintance who advocates drinking your own urine, I may suggest this to him. Another problem of living in Glastonbury.

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I was looking for just this too - I just got a Promixx IX-R yesterday. I used its mixing functionality and also shook it a little, and the result was certainly better than the manual Huel shaker, which always left a few lumps for me even after vigorous shaking. Plus it’s more fun. It might not be able to take 600 mL water + 3 scoops Huel very well though. I used 500 mL water and about 2.5 scoops of Huel, and it was close to full.

Huel staff, how about an official Huel USB-C rechargeable blender?