Promixx 2 rechargeable blender

Being away in truck all week, I take dry huel with me so I can be a heulligan non stop. I prefer huel from blender at home though o cope with shaking and drinking the lumps.
Been reading reviews on options of portable type blenders and settled on Promixx 2 - rechargeable cup / blender thing. My only worry was reading some reviews led me to believe that some sellers were scamming buyers online by selling original promixx in version 2 boxes. So paid a premium and bought from my local gym.
IT WORKS! - wonder how long it will good for? Don’t know. But my initial reaction is positive. It’s now on charge and will be heading out in truck with me on Monday :slightly_smiling:


Please tell us if its still good at the end of the week :slight_smile:

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How long does the charge last? Looks good.

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According to YouTube reviewer his lasts about a week making 2 to 3 per day. I can recharge in the truck though so if it lasts a day I’ll be happy. Takes 90 mins to charge.

Will I be happy at end of week? Remains to be seen. Has to be better than DIY shaking - I don’t mind the lumps too much but I don’t like the waste that’s sometimes left behind.

Main concern is that it dies - wasn’t cheap at £39.
I could buy from Amazon but the numbers of negative reviews regarding problems and poor service on warranty prompted me to pay extra to buy locally from a shop I could rant at.


How easy is this to clean? Would be good when you go camping.

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Fill with water, a drop of liquid and switch it on. Voila!


It looks like a great idea, just needs a more powerful motor. But it doesn’t seem pricey at £40. You can get a few good blenders for that price. See some recommendations here: Blender Recommendations

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@Julian I think it’s VERY pricey but for me a worth while investment (if it lasts) as I’m away from home all week and can’t take a blender or pre mixed batch with me.
I like 2 scoop mix so works well for me.

@Kirsty I agree the portability of it is a great feature.

How’s the blender doing?

I’m interested in getting a portable one I can take camping or just out and about with me.

Has anyone used this Promixx or a similar one?


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I’ve got the newer version. It struggled a bit with 2.3 but mixes up v3 like a champ. Not as good as a ‘proper’ blender of course but works great on the go.

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Thanks, I think I will get one for the next trip, whenever that might be!

Is it easy to clean on the go?

yep. Bit of water and shake/rinse.

Nice, thanks!