Blenderbottle ProStack

Has anyone got any experience of the BlenderBottle ProStack? I like the idea of being able to store my unmade Huel powder in the storage compartments and wonder if the ball would help mix it better than the Huel shaker.

BlenderBottle ProStak - 22oz Protein Shaker Cup with storage/Diet Shaker/Water Bottle incl 150cc and 100cc Jar Fashion Black

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Put another 10 quid in and get the active blend blender ,2 bottles the blade fits on blend remove blade put the top on the cup your ready to drink a very well blended Huel

It sounds good. I might get one.

Looks good for the money Jailjai but Iā€™m after something that I can use when out and about without the need for a plug socket.

I do both my breakfast and lunch in the morning ,keep it in a cool bag .