I Just Had 1,000 Calories for Breakfast

I just consumed two shakers of Huel for breakfast, each with 500 calories in it. Just wanted to see what would happen. Probably took me about an hour to get through it all.

Pushing the limits, living life dangerously…


Update: I just did quite a large burp.

Watch this space for further fascinating developments…

I had 2,700 calories for breakfast last weekend.

I always have a mega calorie breakfast. Gets me set up for the day.

Impressive, as I also have a huge metabolism (around the same as 4 large men, no exaggeration) I found that if I drink a pint of water first thing when I wake up and then have my Huel, I am more full and don’t feel as hungry, I’m no dietician but I’m starting to find that most people’s hunger might actually be thirst. I might have to ask Julian about it.

Yes, I have heard that thirst can be mistaken for hunger. I wonder if this is because originally, much of our food had high water content. Lots of berries and vegetables. If you’re dehydrated, you body instinctively craves something with water in it, which just happens to also be food.

Okay, you win :grinning:

You probably need it if you run a lot.

Although most of it was made of sausages and fried bread.

Next time, try 2,700 calories of Huel. You would probably need to make it the thickness of cream cheese.

Over 4 hours later, I’m just starting to wonder whether I’m about to get hungry. Not quite hungry yet.

Another update:
It’s been about 5 hours since I started my breakfast (and 4 hours since I finished it). I’m starting to feel hungry now. I’m going to try an 800 calorie lunch before heading out for the afternoon.

Tried a similar thing today and it didn’t work so well today. Got hungry much quicker. Not sure why. Anyway, it was just a silly experiment.

Try drinking a pint (or two) of water before your huel if you are hungry in the mornings.

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I find fresh boiled water with a lemon wedge drank prior to my breakfast Huel sets me up for the day.

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It’s important to let the fresh boiled water cool down before drinking.

Or add some cold water to it.

I’m trying to drop some weight so over the last week I’ve dropped the peanut butter from my breakfast Huel. I’m hungry and struggling to stay within my self imposed calorie restriction. Yesterday I bucked and chucked in peanut butter as usual and forgot to have my lunchtime Huel. I tend to chuck it in the freezer for 1/2 an hour to get it really cold before I drink it. I ended up defrosting it in the microwave.

A big calorie breakfast definitely stops me eating more the rest of the day (although that probably wouldn’t have held true if the calories had come from pain au raisin …

With all the requests for a salt free Huel and a men only Huel I’m tempted to request a peanut butter Huel or an extra high protein/fat Huel

:joy: :heart_eyes:

Nik, why don’t you just keeping adding peanut butter, but reduce your caloric intake?

More huel, less water. You can get super calorie dense but man, it can be hard to drink when you go too far :wink:

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Then you have to eat it with a spoon like cold, thick porridge.