I received 1 package of huel instead of 7 ordered

I received 1 package of huel instead of 7 ordered. What to do?
did you have similar experiences? I have a sticker from DHL on which the weight is 1,82 kg.

as its a large order it may have been sent in two shipments - you cant reach out to team@huel.com to query it or use their social media messaging.

I sent a message via the form on their page and via Facebook, but they haven’t replied yet. Earlier I ordered 7 bags and it came in one package.

I think the social channels are on normal UK office hours - I’m sure they will be in touch soon. The Huel customer service team are a great bunch.

You were right, the second package is on its way. However, they should let know that there will be two packages

to be honest - the fulfilment company is separate - I’m not sure how they communicate that beyond receiving multiple tracking numbers from the courier.