IGF-1 Insulin Growth factor 1, fasting and Huel

Right. I have been interested in alternative diets for a while and I was thinking that Huel could possibly work as part of a fasting regime. But i have read conflicting ideas from different sources. IGF-1 makes the body make cells and when IGF-1 is lowered the body gets on with cleaning and repair.

Lowering IGF-1 happens on a fast, such as a water fast, there is some evidence that says that it might happen also on a juice fast (juiced fruits and vegetables especially green leaves), but I am unsure about the possibility of a smoothie fast (fruit and greens blended up in a high speed blender), and I know even less about the way that Huel works with IGF -1 levels.

Have there been any studies in the long term use of Huel under differing regimes and IGF-1 levels? If there has been can we hear about that as lowering IGF-1 in a painless way whilst still eating calories might be really appealing.

Some say that its the empty stomach that triggers the lowering of the IGF-1 and some say that its caloric restriction.

I am unsure what to think. Either way my first load of Huel comes tomorrow and I am curious as to how I will get on with it.

Hi Nick

Huel hasn’t been out very long and measuring IGF-1 is very complex. Indeed, IGF-1 has not been studied in a vast amount of detail in relation to nutrition as it is. IGF-1 is linked to growth hormone secretion, so, in turn, it’s affected by stress and sleep patterns moreso than it is by nutrition. To get decent data, this study would have to be done under extra-stringent conditions.

Huel as a complete food so it’s effects on IGF-1 sectretion and action would be akin to that of a normal diet.

Also, it’s only merely a hyposthesis that IGF-1 causes hyperplasia (increase in cell number) in adults; sure it’s linked to hypertrophy (increase in cell size), but how significant is its hyperplastic effect?

James. How much does stress play a part in weight gain do you know? @JamesCollier

Hi Geri

It’s one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ questions; it’s unquantifiable. Stress may affect mood which in turn may affect eating habits and will to exercise.