Initial impression

Just a personal experience. Bought the New Vanilla Flavour and also the original. I quite like the new vanilla, its not over powering so have no real issue and I am quite impressed.(not tried original yet)

I do have a couple of questions. First one is with the use of Sucralose - I know you hear on the internet that every artificial sweetner is bad but has there ever been a consideration to move to a more natural sweetner, or even stevia(jury still out on that one). (Im aware I can buy unflavoured, then also buy the flavour boosts(which contain stevia) so why not change the base recipe)

Next question is on the buzz word as of late, the “microbiome”. Compared to a normal diet, Huel is a pretty good source of Fibre, however has there been any thought put into increasing this slightly, to try and get this over 50g a day? Just for the sheer fact that some sources state that 100g of Fibre is beneficial.(Im not advocating that, as that could have unpleasant side effects for some). Continuing this theme, has there been any thought in adding a probiotic - me, being a simpleton, I wouldnt even know where to begin in how to design the product with a “live” culture in it. Just a healthy “gut” has some links to healthy immune system - which ultimately thats why we are here for. For a healthy life style.

But in conclusion, really like the product. Sorry if Ive nodoubtably repeated some questions that have been asked before.


The fibre amount in Huel is high - there’s plenty. if we were to increase it, it would mean a complate reformulation as we’d have to lower other ingredients.

Probiotics are interesting - however, they need to be in a medium that keeps them alive when added to a powder, and there is no vegan medium.