Instant Meal Pots Katsu Curry Noodles - Review

After having steamed(literally) over my first review of the instant meal pots and the fiery chick’n, people said I should go for the Katsu Curry noodles, as they were tasty and not spicy at all. The reason why I didn’t buy them, when I restocked my regular bags and opted to buy the new fiery chick’n is the lack of samples. It really irks me that I have to buy 8 pots of something I potentially don’t like, just to try it, which is also why I did some math and testing on how this could be done better. And also, not a huge curry fan :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway I digress.

The Kastu is a very mild meal compared to the Fiery Chick’n, very curryry and ok to eat. It didn’t blow me away or anything. I probably won’t be rebuying, as I am not a great lover of curry, but for anyone who enjoys that, I think it’ll be great. It’s not spicy at all.
There are some “meaty” chunks in there that I feel are too soft after preparation, the same style chunks are in the Fiery Chick’n, but I feel it has more bite there, which I feel is a better texture.

TLDR; Ok-ish for a non curry lover and probably a hit with one who loves curry.

Thanks for the feedback Dan, glad you’ve tried them both now. Looking at both flavours, which one is your fav?

Fiery Chick’n hands down, I just wish if was a little milder. I rebought them even after saying I wouldn’t and had them yesterday for dinner and man they burn in both ends(sorry). 50% less heat and they’d be really great for my taste buds :stuck_out_tongue:

Katsu Curry for me is very tasty, I didn’t like the Fiery Chick’n at all.

Sharing is caring right? :rofl:

We hear you for sure, who knows what could be next :heart:

Glad you liked the Katsu but sorry about the Fiery chicken! What was it about it that you didn’t like?

All in the other topic :grinning: