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Hi I’m a new user of the milkshakes and very happy. However, am really worried as I took IBU (Ibubrofen) today as have a migraine and realised that I hadn’t thought to “check” for interactions with medications as Hue marketed as a “meal”. I just double checked and one of the micronutirents is “potassium” which if mixed with IBU can cause a life threatening condition called hyperkalemia. My question is have I potentially harmed myself by mixing these: IBU and Potassium. I’m very worried please advise.

Hyperkalemia is an excessively elevated level of potassium in the blood, right?. Huel nutrients are balanced, so you won’t get elevated.

Seems Ibuprofen may raise potassium levels but only when used long-term.

If I’ve Googled correctly (disclaimer, not a medical professional, not that good with Google either).

In any case I wouldn’t worry.

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Ah thanks very much that’s very kind of you to write and take the time to look into I really appreciate your kindness. Thanks and yes that was kinda where I got to also but was a little worried and so posted thanks again

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I use Ibufrofen from time to time and I’m using a lot of Huel, and both do a good job. Pain relief from one and all-around well-being from the other, and no probs … :slight_smile:

Hope your migraine is gone now.

Potassium is going to be found in pretty much any plate meal you could mention. As are most, if not all, of the micronutrients listed on the Huel bag. The difference is that when you get your pie chips and mushy peas from the chippy they don’t hand you a card with said meal’s nutritional breakdown :wink:

I once sat down with a hospital dietitian who was sceptical about Huel as she went through Huel’s nutritional profile. She went from sceptic to “I wish I could prescribe this stuff” in the course of a quarter hour…


Thanks, yes I was hoping and thinking this just a bit anxious as have seen some supplements before and found out they are silly multiples of recommended allowances etc, wasn’t sure if this was just “normal meal amounts” or turbo boosted amounts. Thanks so much for your reply really appreciate!

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This question comes up from time to time - the problem is that people in general aren’t used to knowing their food in quite as much detail as appears on the side of the Huel bag. Pretty much the only time drug restrictions apply with Huel is when a medication has to be taken with food or on an empty stomach.

Sympathy with the migraine - I used to get vicious migraines until I hit fifty, “It’s a bad headache in the same way that a near-severed foot is a stubbed toe!” :wink:

I would only worry about ipuprofen and hyperkalemia if renal disease was present, or if you have a high risk for it. Ibuprofene is metabolized via CYP 2D9/2D8, but it is also degraded independently by Uridin-5’-diphosphat-Glucuronosyltransferase, so inhibitors and inductors of CYP2D9 have not such a strong effect. If you take voriconazole, valproate, azol-antimycotics, capecitabine or tamoxifen it may raise plasma levels of ibuprofen, but if you just had the usual 400mg tablet this should not be a problem. Ibuprofen can raise the plasma levels of hyperkalemie temporarily, especially in renal inssufficiency, but healthy individuals should not have a problem. Lots of people with cardiovascular disease take oral potassium supplements, often in larger doses that can be found in Huel, and if the have chronic back pain or similar they are on long-term ibupfrofen therapy very fast. I’ve seen the combination quite often and it has hardly ever been a problem, only in frail, elderly people with renal insufficiency.
Known interactions are primarily with other drugs. And Huel does not contain any drugs. It may block the absorption in the intestine of some substances due to the high fibre content if taken together, especially if you are not used to it.

If you took ibuprofen against headaches; I would check out other things too. Manual and massage therapy often works wonders in this case, much better than any medication.

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Thanks very much incredible details you imparted and very reassuring thanks