i suffer from anxiety and worried about ingredients or something becoming allergic to
i got really bad dry mouth from it which made me anxious anyone else get dry mouth and a bit of heart burn

hey, osc_black. welcome to my world… (anxiety and depression). i have scoured the forums and whilst there are some “out there” views, the majority seem happy.
i’ve used Huel as a meal replacement - and when i am up to cooking, i have cooked - i am NOT using HUEL as a complete replacement of all food.
i am happy that the nutrients in the mix are better for me than what i’d have otherwise eaten (i.e. nothing, or cheap takeaway food). more often than not, probably same as you, nothing.
so. i have used HUEL as per instructional videos, i take it several times a week, there are no ill effects: probably forcing me to drink more water is good for me.
go for it. all good.

thanks for the reply marvin , so you dont get dry mouth from it?

On 100% huel I definitely have to drink more, because my mouth becomes dry more quickly. As the same things always happens when I eat little, I suppose it is because there is not so much water-reserve in the intestines (bound by food), which the body could use.

With my first meal replacement drink (other product, before huel) I had a lot of heartburn at first use, but to my surprise it vanished with few more uses. After that I tried huel for the first time and it didn’t reoccur or if, then to a degree so minor that drinking more took care of it.

I am using the 500 calorie mix, as per instructions. That’s more water than I would normally drink…

No, I can’t say I feel “dry mouth”

The consistency ( I prefer to leave in fridge overnight) is (oh, I’ve got the vanilla version) is mostly fine, it was better when I could be bothered to use a blender: but think ground down hob nobs. Perfectly acceptable.

And I know how many calories I’ve had

And I know it’s got the right balance of nutrients et al

Good luck, whichever way you decide.

I just know that there are days at a time where I can’t deal with feeding myself. Taking this (it’s not unpleasant) at least I have the reassurance I’m not making myself worse. Hopefully, in fact, I am improving my body therefore my state of mind. Fingers crossed…

Yes had indigestion for a short while - iirc it was for a few days - no more than a week and then went away. I might have reduced the amount initially then gradually back to a 3 scoop size again. I think if you persevere maybe with a tweak or 2 you’ll probably be good.

osc_black… if you are anywhere near the Malverns you’re welcome to try some

Hello. At the beginning of my huel journey I too got dry mouth. Then I ran all the scoops on a food diary with help by myfitnesspal app. Apparently, 8 scoops is the limit I can have as far as sodium goes and so, when I was having up to 16 (4x4) the sodium (salt) levels went too high and of course, too much sodium means dry mouth, higher blood pressure and high blood pressure makes us more prone to anxiety and other euphoric feelings. My response to that was staying at 8 scoops (4x2) + some whey protein (4x25g) to bring the calories and protein up while skipping other nutrients I didn’t need, like sodium. I suggest you download a diet diary app that you trust and keep track of the nutrients you get with huel on a daily basis. Possibly structure and control of information will also help with your anxieties.

Now, as far as anxieties go, please remember that huel is just a food replacement, not magic powder, hence you need to find what combination works for you. Of course they provide guidelines but it will all depend on your bodytype, height, age, sex, current weight and goals, exercising etc. Beyond huel, other things need to be taken into account. Most people are vitamin deficient, so taking multivitamins is advisable with the help of your gp. Remember not to take too much vitamin A or C. Some calculation is needed but once it’s done, the app will help you keep track of everything. I would also suggest a seasonal affect disorder lamp (S.A.D.) it will help you increase your daily vitamin D intake which in turn helps if you’re having troubles sleeping, as sleep is essential for a sane mind, good energy levels and hormones regulation, all of which are closely connected to your diet and health. As always, you need to find how much vitamin D you need and stay within your limits.

As huel recommends, try preparing your huel shake in a blender with plenty of water (600ml if possible) + a couple of ice cubes.

I’d like to say that I’m not a doctor, nor am I authorised to provide dietary advice. Everything I say on here are strictly my personal experience and I welcome corrections where I’m wrong. Beyond that I wish you good luck and merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

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thank you, that was a really informative reply . i’ll look for a SAD light on fleabay…