Interesting watch: Why are people obsessed with low carb diets?

Interesting watch, it mimicks my experience of the current health scene. A whole load of ladies magazines advocating a Keto diet without exploring the implications.

Is this led by fat people desperate for a quick fix?

On the other hand, I know fitness fanatics who have also benefitted from keto, but actually do it properly and understand the biology.


As a former fatty I’d say yes for weight loss people are looking for a quick fix. We seem to live in times where people expect things to happen/change instantly. People aren’t looking for a lifestyle change that want instant change which I guess is what feeds the fad diet industry.

I know fitness fanatics too that do keto/fasting/low carbmacro tracking but do it in the correct way either monitored or with buckets of knowledge and experience on the subject :grin:

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