Introducing... Huel Instant Meal Pots 🎉

Funnily enough I am just having my first one also.

I used recommend amount of water and as you can see it’s quite thick…would probably add a little more next time.

Needs a bit longer than 5 minutes to soften up and even then the chick’n pieces aren’t totally soft. The taste is definitely firey. Its more of a hot taste than a good depth of flavour and it’s a bit like when I was first experimenting with spicy foods and didn’t know how to makes the most of the various spices and would just add extra hot curry powder thinking that was all it needed.

It also feels like could use more salt and I never add salt to any food apart from chips, yet it contains ample salt.

Not my favourite Huel product I must say, but will try with more water next time.


I can also confirm there is a bit of burn on the way out also, not too bad though.


“To make nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, with minimal impact on animals and the environment.”

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What point are you making please?

Just replying to @airiartev “In the UK its 3,05 £, more than 3€ in spain for less than 400 kcal will be a very hard choice.” Also just remembering Huel mission statement. For personal usage I still can consider Huel powder a good balance price/quality ratio per calorie within a 2000 Kcal daily ( I eat between 2000 and 3000 Kcal daily ). It all seems expensive or cheap depending on your usage. If you eat out or buy junk food Huel is superior. If you cook in batches for the week, not so, IMHO.

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Ah I see.
Its a complicated thing to make a decision on really I suppose as its not a simple as how many calories do you get for your money.

just a quick question.

Are the pots going to be available in the single purchase section of your build your own bundle?
If so when?


I just ate one of the Katsu curry pots. I added a bit more water, but I think it would have done with less. I liked the flavour better than the fiery one, it was definitely mild, so I may add a bit of something to boost it up a bit in future, But I liked this one,


This is the one I’d try, so good to know you thought it was decent.

Yep it was very good. Not perfect but pretty good

Yes can we have these pots in single options with order? Also when or is Huel greens coming to UK?

Afraid not right now! Please see Tim’s comment here for the reasoning. TL;DR, in their current format they would simply be crushed in your box.

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Have you considered that you actually need sugar in your diet?

Too much, is the issue.

Some folks, especially those on most / 100% of Huel as their diet, appreciate this contributing to a healthy, slow sustained sugar intake across their day without having to resort to junk food / dense sugar products.

You need carbs not sugar.


rikefrejut about to drop dead from sugar deficiency. Any day now…


I need sugar in my diet.
Mainly the sugar in those red sweets with white inside.

Crab sticks?


Ah that’s why he is so crabby. Wonder if he walks sideways


Some interesting historical perspective on sugar here, and warnings too:

Sweet and sour: how slavery, fake science and the love of profit got Britain hooked on sugar | Health & wellbeing | The Guardian

Blimey, you know how I said that my Huel pots smelled very spicy even before Is opened the box . The whole kitchen in my workplace now stinks of it.

Its not very subtle LOL.