Introduction to the Forum Squad from Huel :Wave:

Hey to all you Hueligans!

Some of you may have wondered where I had gone the last few months (most I expect wouldn’t have noticed too!). More on that later, but for now I want to use this post to introduce the Huel admins and moderators you will mostly come into contact with! That way you will know who to tag with specific questions!

@Charlotte_Huel - Charlotte is the new Tim!

You can expect to see Charlotte here most days, replying to your general queries and keeping this forum the supportive and motivating place we want it to be!

@Dan_Huel - General nutrition and sciency stuff!

Many of you will be familiar with Dan already. Dan will be replying and engaging with you on most of the nutrition related topics here. Don’t expect Dan to pull any punches, he knows a thing or ten about the world of nutrition!

Introducing @Dom_Huel - our customer experience rep here!

Remember that if you have specific questions regarding your order or delivery it is essential you contact our team on or WhatsApp. We don’t reply to tickets here as we are able to reply faster and more thoroughly via email. Dom will be responding queries like this when the answer is likely to benefit the wider community

Other people you might bump into here:
@CharlotteMW_Huel - Charlotte is our USA Dan :us: not only that but Charlotte has a huge amount of knowledge regarding Clinical Nutrition, so any of those specialist questions you can be sure Charlotte is gonna answer!

@JamesCollier - the big man JC is the co-founder and Head of Sustainable Nutrition at Huel. He literally designed the Huel formula! James also has 27 years experience in nutrition and dietetics including working with the NHS. You can expect James to drop into interesting conversations or anything related to our formula

@JamesM_Huel - James is Huel’s CEO and loves to read the forum and hear what our community are saying so you can expect what you write here to be seen and listened to by James. He’s a busy guy though, so perhaps don’t tag James in (too many) posts!

@Igor_Huel - helping out any of our Polish Hueligans :poland: We want the forum to be a place for all our community. We have so many amazing Polish Hueligans it feels right to have Igor here to support you!

That’s the team on our Global Forum here. They will endeavour to make sure this forum is fun and valuable to you, so if you have any suggestions then drop them a DM! Any questions then drop them on this post! Don’t forget, if you are from the USA we have a US forum for you at

Anyway, briefly about me! Sorry I’ve not been around the last few months, I’ve actually taken a sideways step away from Community and Social Media and in 2022 I asked if I could move into a role in Product Marketing. Since December I have been learning the ropes of how to manage our Hot & Savoury range!

I have been the community manager at Huel since 2016 (hey it’s actually my 7 years at Huel today :birthday:). Being here on the forum has been the highlight of the job and it feels very strange to step away from it. I’ve loved getting to know you all through the wildest times and troll accounts that appear here!

So, I’m not going anywhere, I’m right here at Huel HQ working in the background on our H&S range and trying to make it the best it can be. There’s a few damn exciting launches coming up which I have inherited and I can’t wait to get them over the line. I’m excited about the opportunity to learn more. If you ever want to chat you can just tag me or drop me a DM :hugs: but don’t expect me to not occasionally comment here too!


Hi Tim, I wondered where you had dissappeared to you. Good luck in your new job.

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Hi and ditto from me, Tim :+1:

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I didn’t miss you @Tim_Huel I just assumed you were on holiday.


Thanks @vsc and @Bee.

No thanks for you @hunzas



Congrats @Tim_Huel on the new role!


I had noticed the lack of you Tim, just thought you was away on leave.
GL in the new role

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congrats Tim! :rocket:

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see @Tim_Huel it’s not just me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Congrats on the move @Tim_Huel, Marketing are lucky to have you :slight_smile:

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Good to see you back Tim. Regards.

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Instantly cancelled my subscription after 2,5 years after hearing this! Outrageous, won’t someone think about the children!?!? Just kidding, will miss you @Tim_Huel but at least I still have the swedish guy on facebook marketing to brighten my day :grin:


I’ll make timely reminders that we need to bring granola back.


It’ll be like Tim never left :heart:


Has he left? It’s hard to know sometimes. I’ve never known anyone have 53 weeks holiday a year.


If my boss knew the amount of messages I’ve sent on the forum while supping a beer by the pool’s edge I’d be in trouble.

edit: for legal reasons this is a joke


Clearly not enough were sent about needing granola back.

Think of the cute bowl, with a lid that has a clip to hold the spoon, made out of bamboo or hemp, that could be designed and trialled poolside.

The masticular work out to balance out the suction of shakes.

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This forum is new to me. Can anyone share their experience using Huel and how they found it beneficial?

I don’t wish to come across as rude, but the forum is over 5 years old, and is already full of posts and stories about what you wish to read. If you spend some time on it, either scrolling down through the threads / history or use the search function to pick out specific topics or words you’re interested in I’m certain you’ll find what you are looking for.