Is Huel a suitable for someone diagnosed with a Hernia?

Is Huel a suitable for someone diagnosed with a Hernia ? I went to see the doctor today and found out the small swelling in my groin was a Inguinal hernia. I currently have a very active lifestyle for a 63 year old including running outside and a weekly circuit at a gym.

Before going to see my doctor I saw in the news about a lot of problems with hernia operations and a debate on BBC Victoria Derbyshire show about the problem of mesh inserts commonly used in operations.

Anyway the doctor not surprisingly said the latest thinking is not to operate while no pain is present and the hernia is very small. So searching the internet I read a high fibre diet is best for the condition including on the NHS website so I thought that’s good as Huel has a decent amount of fibre and the rest of my vegan diet is high in fibre. Then I came across a website about hernia problems which suggested avoiding foods that give you gas and reducing your food intake but still high fibre.
I mainly use Huel while at work and sometimes straight after a run before making a meal and it has given me more energy and helped me recover quicker. Weight is not currently a problem at 10 and a half stone as I had already lost 2 and a half stone. I would like to keep running and my doctor said its ok if I not in pain.

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From a personal experience … It’s absolutely fine
I’ve had 2 hernia operations in the last 3 years, (both meshed … one had stitching too where a second tear was found) the only issue was when I walked into a stationary shopping trolley handle (long story) and re opened the wound slightly and the end of the mesh ‘may have moved slightly’
The doc did mention after the op I was carrying a little extra fat😱
Huel is helping me lose weight and thus less stress and pressure in certain areas
I feel fitter and healthier !! And can do a whole lot more than I could before hand and more importantly without any pain !

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Be careful when you lift the bags, they’re quite heavy!

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Lifting bags ? what bags do you mean ?

The 1.7kg bags that Huel comes in perhaps ??

I have been lifting bags or sacks many times heavier everyday at work and have 46 years experience in distribution mainly on the road but have been in a warehouse for the last 5 years. Lucky for me my current employers are very flexiable and have let me leave out the heavier side of my job.

I believe a large part of my problem has been caused by a lifetime in the saddle driving various commercial vehicles.
I have not felt any pain yet from my hernia but have stopped the heavy lifting just in case it causes pain in future.

I think Teknos was trying to be funny … but you missed it !

With my two hernias …
I was playing 5 a side and badminton while I had an external bulge … no pain just an awkward lump…
The second hernia was only discovered when I insisted I had a ultrasound as I had lots of pain, especially when running or bending over (no lump!) and had to give up sport until it was fixed !
So each one is different !