I am 85 and have a swollen stomach

My doctor has put me on a fibre diet.

Will taking HUEL daily, help to reduce my swollen stomach…???

What’s the underlying cause of your swollen stomach?

At the moment I have diverticulitis decease which has swollen my stomach greatly…this is why I wonder if HUEL might be the answer…!

Struan Robertson

Hi @Struanrob - welcome to Huel.

If you have diverticular disease and you’re not currently experiencing a flare-up, then Huel Powders, RTD or Bar will be a good source of nutrition. If you’re currently having a flare-up, then I’d stick to RTD.

Please note, that Huel products are a great source of nutrition and, as they are high in fibre, they may help as a good intake of fibre in diverticular disease has been shown to help symptoms. However, I can’t say that any food product will help to reduce your swollen stomach.

Any more queries, please let us know :slight_smile:

Thanks…your reply pretty much covered the waterfront.


Thanks - your reply pretty much covered the waterfront…

Struanmy phone is acting up so as I caseey reply - hope it came out okay…!

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No problem. Any other queries, please just let us know :slight_smile: