A delicious new way to eat Huel

Like many Huel users, I have an aversion to food. I’m not anorexic or bulemic, indeed I’m quite rotund. I just loathe the act of eating and the time-wasting rituals that surround it. So I was delighted to find a food substitute that I can gulp down three times a day, in five seconds, then carry on with my life.

However, I did discover that my stomach needed bulk. Otherwise, it shrank to a walnut. That was risky, when the family came and I had to eat proper food. I had indigestion all day.

Solution? I blend sweetened Huel with Weetabix. (Or unsweetened Huel with Weetabix plus honey.) The result is delicious and it kids my stomach that I’ve had a full meal.

BTW: Has any heavy user found that their stomachs shrink? So that their stools - pardon the indelicate thought - become fluid? Has any heavy Huel user had a proper bowel motion since using Huel?

I guess my stomach shrank as well, but that doesn’t bother me. I consider it a perk - getting notified that I’ve had enough food helps against overeating.
As for the stool, no, I find it’s become even firmer than what it was during my Joylent days. I think though that has much more to do with the particular gut flora than with the food consumed. Also bear in mind that I’m eating Huel 2 out of 3 meals per day so experience may vary.

I have also noted similar problems when I mixed Huel with other foods initially in the first few months of having it almost exclusively. Rushing to the man’s room and producing fluid stuff right after eating something rich in carbs seemed to happen quite often. I think after I finally managed to normalize the frequency of my Huel intake and so settled into a proper eating schedule, my digestion got a lot better in this sense and my energy leves have become more manageable as well. Thus I conclude this is now what proper bowel motion would be. I am under the impression that Weetabix is adding a lot of fibre, which likely helps restraining a “run” from happening as easily.
I personally don’t really understand how the shrinkage of one’s stomach could lead to stools become fluid, maybe I just don’t understand what shrinking means in this sense? If it’s meant to mean the decrease of the volume of one’s stomach, then it does not follow logically that this can cause liquid stools in my opinion.