Is Huel BE for me?

I’m using Huel literally as a meal replacement. I’m looking to loose some weight and am happy with a slow downward trend that my current plan is doing.
I’m mainly having the original powder and H&S along with juices and will have 3-4 meals in a given week depending on my social as most meals are social.

I’m wondering if the BE has any place in my plan, I guess it’s for those that want to feel full and don’t want the carbs.

Any thoughts on where and how it could fit would be great



It’s really down to what you prefer and what your goals are. Many people choose BE because they want something without artificial sweeteners, because they want to increase their daily protein intake/lower carb intake, or just prefer the flavour.

I would say that if you are currently achieving your goals, and enjoying the taste of v3.0 then stick with it!

Does BE not have any artificial flavourings?

they use natural flavourings - you can see a small thread on it here

Thanks Tim. I might try it to see how it compares, I’ve never been a fan of artificial sweeteners so that’s a plus too

BE has a smooth, creamy texture - unlike the grainy texture of the Standard Edition. Some prefer the latter, though, because you can “chew” it.

Remember that satiety has two components - physiological satiety (for which BE is “better” because of the higher protein content) and emotional satiety (here the Standard Edition seems to be better).

Regarding sweeteners I would not worry too much about them, as you ingest only extremely small amounts. And do not forget that almost everything you consume contains some form of sweeteners. Even products where you would never expect it.

Thanks, that’s really useful.
I’ve been adding extra protein to mine in the form of PB (for flavour) or protein powder as my wife had some that I now need to use up (as she won’t :joy: ). I’ve found with the added protein I have been full for longer so maybe it’s worth me looking at BE.

I also like the idea that it’s smoother, I don’t enjoy the grittiness of regular and it’s alright for me. My wife won’t drink it and my son may enjoy the smoother texture more too.

I think I’ll add a bag of BE to my next order which wont be for a while as I tend to stock up :slight_smile: