What exactly is "natural flavouring"?

https://uk.huel.com/products/natural-flavour-boosts lists the ingredients of most flavour boosts to include “Natural Flavouring”. What exactly is this? Surely different ones are used in the different flavour boosts, so why not identify exactly what each one is?

It would be more confusing to list them than not and isn’t legally required. Natuaral flavourings must either come from animals, fruits or vegetables, and nothing artificial. As Huel is a vegan product it will be from the last 2. It may be that there are more than one to produce a specific flavour.

Well if we take the example of the strawberry flavour boost; we can assume that the ‘natural’ flavouring in that is… strawberries. :wink:

As hunzas points out, Huel’s vegan thankfully, so there won’t be any castoreum. Phew!


It’s those all natural all organic GMO free human remains they put in there.

Huel have confirmed before that there’s no castoreum

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John has covered it pretty well. “Natural flavouring” covers many different flavours. Legally you don’t need to list the flavours and because of the way flavours are produced and the manufacturing system around it companies don’t want to give away how they make their strawberry flavour so good.

You can find out a bit more about flavours here: https://uk.huel.com/pages/how-we-develop-the-huel-flavours


Wouldn’t be vegan if there was, surely?

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Yeah I guess so!

Actually not the case often. There was a Food Unwrapped episode about this (n.b. might not have been specifically about ‘natural’ flavours but the point still stands). They combine flavours together to get a Strawberry flavour - weird.

OK I can’t find the episode online, it was super interesting.

Was it episode 4, https://www.channel4.com/programmes/food-unwrapped/episode-guide/