Natural Taste

Heyy lovelies. Whas wondering how many ppl like the taste of huel?
I think I’m on my own on liking it warm or could.
I do mix unflavoured with normal 1:1.
Otherwise it’s too sweet or too bland…

I choose Huel for its nutritional content. It saves time in researching and evaluating regular food in order to ensure you are ingesting the right nutrients, which in turns governs your overall health…moreso than exercise, by the way.

The role of flavour is relatively fleeting - it has no lasting benefit, but a temporary sensation of pleasure (or not). The taste buds are made from fast growing cells that replace themselves regularly so if you persist with a taste you don’t like initially, you will get use to it. It is then an ‘acquired taste’.

This is perhaps a minority perspective…the vast majority of posts here are indeed about flavour. However, it is sometimes worth pondering the reasons why we eat; these are numerous and include (but not limited to) survival, health, pleasure, celebration and even religious advice. So there’s more than one reason for eating.

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Yes I like hot OV Huel in winter…

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This is particularly true with Huel, in my experience. I’m convinced that my body associates the taste with the good nutrition experience and then likes the taste more and more.

There are however some flavours I absolutely could not bear no matter how much I persevered !

Interestingly I become more and more fond of the UU and less fond of the sweeter flavours.
I used to mix original and uu quite regularly but now don’t really like sweetening up uu unless it’s with the flavour boosts

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I add a turmeric, apple cider vinegar and a fresh banana to Vanilla Huel…a little odd possibly but I’ve kind of settled into this combo.

Fresh or dried turmeric? I might give that combo a go.

UU is the greatest. I had plain vanilla today without splitting it with any UU and my tastebuds were furious. I made a face like I’d eaten a lemon.

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Dried. I add a quantity (11 tsps at the last count) to a bag to make the daily routine a bit simpler.

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