A few pre-purchase questions

Hi all,

Originally found Huel via Facebook and from what I’ve read so far looks ideal for me. Before hitting the big “Buy” button I’ve got a couple of questions after reading around the forum and elsewhere.

I’m 29 y/o vegetarian male and always find lunch problematic in terms of energy levels during the day and nutrient balance. Often feeling tired \ hungry after the usual sandwiches and suchlike. I also suspect I’m down on protein, have been trying Pulsin Pea Protein mixed with porridge, soup etc. which has helped a bit but again not ideal whilst not at home.

Huel seems ideal as a lunch replacement, perhaps somedays breakfast too although I prefer the idea of a standard evening meal. Does that sound workable?

Now for those questions:

  1. I’m not keen on sweeteners so hovering over the unflavoured version at the moment. Given I’m used to the Pulsin taste is Huel similar?

  2. quite a few people recommend blending Huel, would dropping a bit of fruit in there help with the taste without throwing out the nutrition balance too much?

  3. if not using Huel as the only source of nutrition would I be best avoiding the pea protein in the other meal(s) or is it just more of the same, in a slightly different form?

Any info much appreciated, looking forward to getting through the day with more energy if this works. Someone also mentioned Huel helping with their DOMS after exercise, could definitely do with that benefit right now too!

I’ll answer the sweetener one, I’m very sensitive to sweeteners and the after taste. I tried the vanilla one and found it rather horrid on after taste. So I bought the none flavoured version. This was a good idea for me, I also added the rhubarb and custard flavour pouch which has helped using huel as I can add my own amount of sweetener. Try the tester huel its effectively free of you decide to buy after.

Purely down to personal preference. I really enjoy the vanilla flavour - wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fruit is good. Sometimes I’ll throw a banana in with mine, that doesn’t alter the taste much.

When I first bought huel, I got the original vanilla version which was indeed way too sweet. Since then I have mixed it with the new unsweetened version to reduce sweetness by half. This turned out great.

I tried the new, less sweet version a friend of mine received recently, and this updated versions tastes very similar to my mixture.

If you are unsure, I suggest trying both vanilla and unsweetened. I am pretty sure you can enter a comment to that end when ordering to receive both versions while keeping your discount.

Thanks for the replies, I saw first order comes with the shaker and T-shirt but sounds like there’s special pricing for it too?

If going for the blender route would leaving it overnight go back to being lumpy or once blended does it tend to stay at a reasonably smooth texture for the next day if I were to give it a shake before drinking to mix it up again?

Blended Huel doesn’t become lumpy, but it does separate into layers over time so you’ll need to give it a shake.

There is a discount when buying more than a weeks worth, but you cannot split the order between vanilla and unsweetened in the shop, you have to specify this in the comment form.