Is Huel Black right for me?

I recently gave the Huel Powder v3 a try and found the texture really bad. I own a fancy high-speed blender and tried all kinds of tricks I found online, blitzing it up on the very highest setting and then leaving it in the fridge for 30 minutes before giving it another quick blitz on the lower setting. The taste is fine, but the texture … awful. Nothing I’ve tried seems to make it any better than chugging chalk.

I’m not any kind of athlete, my interest in Huel is purely to maintain optimal nutritional health. My exercise of choice is a leisurely stroll, so I don’t need much protein. I’ve been told that the Huel Black texture is much better, less grainy/chalky, but I’m sceptical … from people who’ve tried it, is that really true?

I don’t personally believe in low-carb diets, I am much more concerned about the high fat content in Huel Black. 40%! I find that I surpass my desired fat consumption even on the regular Huel products.

If the texture is really that much better it may be worth a try so I can meet my vitamin/mineral RDAs without gagging or tedious meal planning, but … is it?

I use black, blend it and then fridge’s smooth in taste and texture

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if you are using a high powered blender, then mixing in some frozen fruits, ice cubes, a couple of pieces of dried fruits or even little frozen avocado pulp can all help as they bind the powder and liquids better and speed up the absorption. be careful with the latter two as they only require a small amount before going too far and making it too slimy instead of chalky - the same applies to adding chia seeds.

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